How CBD Helped Our Pet's

Sami M, PA

I have two Pitbulls who suffer from seperation anxiety. I have been giving them CBD for months now and they are no longer destroying the house or themselves when we are gone!

Our older one has arthritis and he now has no problem keeping up with our new pup!


It's only been three days I have had Mason on CBD and he is already a different dog. So much better, Thank You!

Seth S

As an anesthesia provider, I have been extensively trained in pharmacology. When my 8-year-old Norwich Terrier developed anxiety and noise phobias, I was shocked by the medication prescribed by his vet. Knowing the side effect profile and negative impacts of long term use, there was no way I was going to give that to my dog every day. Looking for a safer alternative, I decided to try kurapet CBD oil. Within just a few days of starting, my dog was showing drastic improvements in his mood and temperament.